沐鸣代理注册_Top 8 Typography Design Trends to Look Out For in 2021

Graphic design trends rarely hang around for too long so it’s difficult to predict exactly what’s going to be big in typography in 2021.

Popular font styles don’t usually come out of nowhere, so with that in mind, we’re able to speculate which niche favourites will take centre stage this year.

Here you can find the top 8 typography design trends to look out for in 2021:

Handwritten Fonts

Although not uncommon in 2020, we expect handwritten fonts to be popular this year. The loose and human feel of a handwritten font can make your small business seem less corporate and more approachable.

A customer is more likely to see you as a person, rather than a business, which can be beneficial if you’re trying to create a welcoming and traditional feel. Though it’s not usually appropriate for large scale organisations, fonts like these are ideal for smaller companies that want to build up more of a relationship with their clientele.

Vintage Fonts

In a similar way to handwritten fonts, vintage typography design trend is growing in popularity thanks to the emotional connection someone can have when they see it. They like classic typography because it’s familiar and it’s something they can feel nostalgic about.


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This font is perfect for small businesses that are trying to tap into a person’s past or childhood. Having a connection like that with someone is a great way of encouraging them to become a customer.

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Cutouts and Overlays

More and more website designs and print marketing materials are taking advantage of the depth offered by cutout fonts. It’s an opportunity to add layers to a design which basically makes something more interesting to look at.

They’re a great way of incorporating images or interesting patterns to overlay your text on. Plus, they give the design a three-dimensional effect without having to do anything too fancy.


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Here you can explore 15 of the remarkable digital agency website designs inspired by the latest graphic and digital trends.

Variable Fonts

Standard fonts can be a little restrictive when you’re designing web pages or refining your online brand. A trend we expect to flourish in 2021 is the use of variable fonts. These fonts use dynamic settings when it comes to width, weight and other attributes that you can’t usually tweak too much.

Variable fonts are basically lots of fonts in one and can easily be edited and changed to be thinner, thicker, bolder and so on, depending on what you need them for. They’re responsive so they’re suitable for any device that someone might be using and with the importance of user experience growing, it’s likely we’ll see a lot more of them in 2021.


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Opposites Attract

Whether it’s big and small or black and white, contrasting elements can be a big success when it comes to typography. Big and loud text grabs someone’s attention and then the smaller font provides the information they need.

It isn’t a revolutionary idea. Think of a huge ‘SALE’ sign that has details of the offer below it, but it’s growing in popularity in typography too. It’s a creative way of placing emphasis on something important and really drawing the eye.


Image Credit


You can blame Kanye West for this emerging typography design trend. Repeating the same word or phrase is a simple but effective way of making sure your message stands out. Kanye did it most famously with his The Life of Pablo album but it’s growing in popularity for small businesses and artists too.

There’s no confusion when it comes to typography like this. You let the text do the hard work and don’t need to worry about imagery. It’s a strong visual statement, even though it’s the same words over and over again.

You’ll most likely see typography like this for small, artistic businesses that aim to intrigue their customers.

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Font Mashups

This is a tricky one to get right but when done correctly, it’s creative and eye-catching. Play around with different fonts and see which ones go together. There’s a fine line between art and chaos so bear that in mind because you don’t want your message to be difficult to read or understand.

The below is an extreme example but it gives you a general idea of what to look for. The different styles and fonts combine well to create an engaging design that draws you in. Play around with fonts you like and see what works.

Also, keep the content of your design in mind because the combination of the words and the fonts needs to be relevant and appropriate.


Image Credit

Colourful Fonts

If you’re a small business that’s vibrant, energetic and passionate, then a colourful font can really showcase your identity to potential customers. In 2021, we expect brands to move away from traditional black fonts and embrace all the colours of the rainbow.

Choose colours that help you stand out but also best reflect you as a business. Avoid anything that’s too loud or distracting as all you’ll do is irritate rather than attract.


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Join the conversation below if you have any other typography design trends you predict will be successful in 2020. For help with any of your design needs, continue your discovery and get in touch with skilled designers and creatives.




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