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Congratulations! You have the resources and knowledge to start your own digital agency. It’s a fantastic idea that has the potential to succeed. So now it’s time to build a website. 

But where do I go from here?

According to kinsta.com, WordPress powers over 35% of the websites on the Internet. It is one of the most popular options for building a website by individuals and big corporations alike.

When the White House website and Microsoft’s blogs are using WordPress, this may be a great option for you. And as a digital agency, you also need to have that professional look to your website. 

So whether you decide to create a new website or simply think about revamping your current one, WordPress is the place to go.

Why is WordPress the logical solution for a digital agency?

Over the last decade, WordPress has disrupted the digital marketing scene and taken over a substantial portion of the webspace. In 2021, WordPress is the most logical answer who asks how to make a website.

As a digital agency, your website must be able to meet the changing needs of marketing in the digital era. Moreover, you need innovative technology and modern techniques to align with your business.

There are numerous reasons why developers prefer to build websites with WordPress. Here are just a few benefits of WordPress for digital agencies: 

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1. Cost-effective option

Anyone can create a website for free using WordPress. There are over 5000 free themes to choose from. But most are now also available as freemiums. This means that it can be upgraded to the premium version at any time. This typically involves more features and better support for an additional cost. 

2. Easy to use

WordPress.org is the ideal place to start for people who plan on hosting their website, purchasing a domain name, and running the digital agency. 

Moreover, you can easily use it even if you aren’t a professional developer. For example, the free drag-and-drop WordPress page builder helps mere novices create a website. So rest assured, WordPress aims at making the entire process straightforward and simple.

3. Greater flexibility

WordPress is built on free, open-source code. That means it provides complete hosting flexibility and compatibility.

Maximum flexibility offers you enough room for customization. Isn’t this feature great?

4. Effortless maintenance and upgrades

WordPress doesn’t require developers to be proficient in coding. So you can maintain your site and upgrade its capabilities effortlessly. Furthermore, updates can be set to occur automatically, allowing your website to remain secure and up to date at all times.

5. Countless customizable design options

There are numerous design options. Moreover, customizable templates and feature-rich plugins allow you to create a unique site. With more than 50,000 free plugins, you can just about add anything to your site without coding, from CTA to Yoast SEO to page redirects.

6. Supports the mobile era 

With the rise of mobile-optimization, the demand for responsive themes has also increased. And WordPress understands the importance of creating a website design that is responsive on all devices.

What are the best WordPress Themes?

There is a vast collection of free and premium WordPress themes you can choose from. But with more than 11,000 of them in one place, how can you find the best one?

Picking the right WordPress theme for your website is hard work. You will need to browse through templates and stylesheets that appropriately define the appearance and display of your website. But with WordPress, themes can be easily changed and managed at any time. Above all, its functionality can be expanded to fit your website’s needs by using the best web design tools.

So to help you out, here are a few of the best WordPress themes for a digital marketing agency. 


It offers a stylish design that is suitable for developing your professional image. Moreover, it’s optimized to promote online services to your clients. 


But above all other features, Pofo comes with a drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin. Now you have the opportunity to customize the design of your website as well as control its display settings. Pofo is ideal for digital agencies, creative teams, photographers, and many other similar businesses.


The core design is aimed at improving your site’s online visibility. It begins with a search-friendly structure, making it easier for content to get ranked on Google. 


Best of all, it offers fast page loading speeds alongside impressive compatibility to a variety of plug-ins. So just as the name suggests, this theme has the potential to optimize your website with the best features. Optimize is excellent for agencies offering SEO, social media, and online marketing services.

Marketing Pro

With several beautifully designed ready-made templates, Marketing Pro can give your agency a boost in the right direction. But regardless of which one you choose, page builders are available to offer ease, flexibility, and speed of site development. 


And with a variety of options to add to your homepage layouts, such as email opt-in forms and blog post excerpts, Marketing Pro is ideal for digital/online marketers and SEO experts.


As one of the newest themes on WordPress, you’ll get access to the latest templates as well as animated sliders, animated icons, and much more. So you’re guaranteed to design a stylish, modern website. 


Seocify is suitable for Marketing and SEO Agencies that focus on digital and social media marketing.


The customization features offered by Exponent are exceptional. With the aid of a visual content editor, you can effortlessly control the entire appearance of the website. But if you’re happy to use off-the-shelf designs, there are 26 premium pre-built demo websites for you to choose from. This is an excellent choice for many businesses.



Before choosing a theme, remember to study the demos and get an idea of how these WordPress themes can be customized to suit your unique needs. Also, check out the library of layouts and templates to get a better understanding of what more the theme has to offer.

Need some inspirational ideas for website designs? Consider looking at other websites and identify what features they are utilizing to rock it. 

What factors should you consider before choosing a WordPress theme for your digital agency? 

Though choosing the perfect one from the endless list is an overwhelming task, focus on finding those features that gels well with your digital needs.

Common factors to consider include:

1. Budget 

Your budget dictates your choices- free or paid. So your selection depends upon whether you can afford premium WordPress themes.

2. Cross-Browser Compatibility 

People use various devices that have different browser preferences. The website you create should be accessible and perform flawlessly on all browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

3. Loading Speed

People don’t wait for anything, so they’re not going to tolerate a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. And even though your website looks chic, a theme that has load performance issues will drag everything down. Therefore, look into reviews to see if there are any complaints about the theme with respect to website speed.

We also listed best WordPress hosting companies for digital agencies. With your stylish theme if you want a faster website, these companies can help you for it.

4. Responsive Design

With people constantly on the move, they require websites that can be operated on every device, from PCs to mobiles. Choose responsive WordPress themes so that your website functions optimally on all smartphones. 

Moreover, Google prefers mobile responsive sites. So if you want to improve SERPs, start off with the theme that will enhance your SEO efforts.

5. Simplicity

You have 8 seconds to impress a visitor. Opt for a theme that keeps everything clean and organized. Too much merely creates a cluttered look, leading to confusion or abandonment. So keep your site clear and straightforward. 

Aim at creating a user-friendly layout. In fact, minimalism is a timeless trend that can substantially boost conversion rates.

6. Ease of Customization

It’s great to add a unique touch to your website. But choose a theme that allows this to be acquired easily. Whether it’s the layout or the use of plugins, implementing options should be as easy as possible.

7. Customer Support

It’s always nice to get a helping hand. Though free themes typically offer email support, premium themes often provide support though call centers, forums, tutorials, emails, etc. 

However, some free theme developers are more than willing to offer assistance. After all, getting ongoing support saves time and money in finding someone to fix the problems.

8. Regular Updates

Themes should update automatically to make sure your website operates without glitches, errors, or security concerns. So select a theme that updates regularly. 

Final Thoughts 

Your website speaks volumes about your online reputation. It creates an image of the type of services you provide. Smooth navigation and user-friendliness are only a couple of aspects users look at. But the style and design are significantly more critical. Aim at selecting a WordPress theme that promotes and supports your digital agency.

Moreover, you need a website that attracts customers and encourages the growth of the business. So explore all the features, designs, and other details before you choose a theme.




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