Have You Been Listening to SEObits.fm?

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In June I launched a new SEO podcast called SEObits.fm and before I realized it, the summer flew by and twelve episodes have been recorded and published. In case you missed them, here is a list of what I’ve chatted about each week:

  • EP 1: SEO is a Journey and Not a Destination
  • EP 2: Successful SEO Requires a Structured Process
  • EP 3: Quality SEO Starts With Questions
  • EP 4: Don’t Be a Marketer, Be a Servant
  • EP 5: Competitive Research is Good for the SEO Soul
  • EP 6: When Everything in SEO Falls Apart
  • EP 7: Enterprise SEO Needs a Top Down Approach
  • EP 8: The Evolution of SEO
  • EP 9: Celebrating SEO Success With Sara Dunn
  • EP 10: Key Takeaways for Buying and Selling SEO Services
  • EP 11: The Most Important Lesson When Selecting Keywords
  • EP 12: Who Owns Your Digital Destiny?

I’ll be recording additional episodes and would love to receive any feedback on questions or topics you’d like covered. Just post a comment below, ping me on Twitter, or submit a question via the SEObits.fm website.

If you’ve enjoyed the podcast, you can subscribe to it via the website, via iTunes, or on Google Play.


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